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Our visit, “SAN SEBASTIÁN HISTORIC TOUR,  will bring you to the history and monuments in the Old Quarter of San Sebastián.

Starting at Plaza Cervantes, next to Paseo de la Concha, we will enter its streets and corners to learn about the curiosities, anecdotes and historical events of this beautiful city, nothing like wandering around Donosti with a local guide!

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what we see

How to find us

Remember to look for the orange umbrella when you arrive to the meeting point, TO BE DEFINED

quijote y sancho

Quijote sculpture

Am I at the right place? If you see the sculpture of the picture, you are at the meeting point!

Plaza Guipuzkoa

In this beautiful square we will begin, little by little, to delve into the history of San Sebastian

Alameda Boulevard

Neuralgic shopping center and connection between the old and new part of San Sebastian

Plaza Constitucion

Plaza de la Constitución

Stage of the Tamborrada that takes place once a year, a square of great tradition and with hidden details that we will show you


We'll teach you all about one of the most noisy tradition of the donostirarras!

Museo San Telmo

San Telmo's Museum

The oldest museum of the Basque Country, inside of a XVI century building.

San Vicente's church

The oldest monument that you will find in San Sebastián


Do you know "pelota vasca"?


San Sebastián has been declared the best culinary destination in the world, that's why gastronomy will take an important role in our tour.

Kalea Nagusia

At the end of the 'Calle Mayor' --kalea nagusia--, we'll find the Basilica de Santa María del Coro (Basilica of Saint Mary of the Chorus)

Ayuntamiento San Sebastian

City Hall

Near the La Concha bay, we'll visit this essential building, located at the old Casino building